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American Institute of Physics Careers Bulletin Board

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The AIP Physics Careers Bulletin Board is an interactive service that
informs students of careers in the physical sciences. Each month, AIP
sponsors six physicists who have used their physics degrees in ways that
might not have occurred to you. Access the conferencing forum devoted to
any of the physicists comprising the monthly selection, read a short
biography, and then post your question ...


 * INTRODUCTION        1.  About AIP's Physics Programs Branch
                       2.  Visit the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation HomePage
                       3.  How to Use this Bulletin Board
                       4.  User Policy Statement

 * ACCESS FORUMS       5.  Meet December's Roster of Online Physicists

 * FEEDBACK            6.  Send Feedback to "CAREERS" Support Staff

 * THE HOST SYSTEM     7.  PINET - The Physics Information NETwork

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