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TELNET indiannet.sdserv.org

    Welcome to INDIANnet, sponsored by the Americans for Indian
Opportunity, LaDonna Harris, President and Founder.
    The INDIANnet BBS is primarily designed to provide information to
Indian people from the Federal and other levels.
     You can help assure that American Indian people can access
electronic information!  Send your tax-deductible contributions to
INDIANnet, in care of Americans for Indian Opportunity, 681 Juniper Hill
Road, Bernalillo, New Mexico 87004 or for more information, call
    INDIANnet is an Indian-owned and operated nonprofit organization
dedicated to establishing and developing free public access,
computerized information and communications services for American
Indians and Alaskan Natives.
    INDIANnet objectives are to:
    1.  Work with Tribal governments and all Indian communities, both
urban and rural, to establish electronic access to public information.
    2.  To develop "one-stop shopping" and Indian-friendly federal
information, including 1990 Census information, necessary for effective
Tribal decision-making.
    3.  To ensure that this flow of operation is interactive so that
Tribes can begin to develop electronic information about themselves.
    4.  To work with Tribes to avoid electronic colonialism and empower
Tribes and all Native Americans to be active participants in the
information age.
   5.  To help coordinate the many Indian, multi-media
telecommunications activities currently taking place.
    6.  To establish an Indian on- and off-ramp to the national
information highway.
    7.  To use technology for cultural preservation and education.
    INDIANnet is a project of Americans for Indian Opportunity, a
national Indian organization dedicated to enhancing the cultural,
social, political and economic self-sufficiency of tribes.  AIO is
headquartered on the Santa Ana Pueblo in New Mexico.  For more
information contact:
     LaDonna Harris, President and Founder 
     Americans for Indian Opportunity 
     681 Juniper Hill Road
     Bernalillo, New Mexico  87004.

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