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Health & Welfare Ministries BBS

TELNET hwbbs.gbgm-umc.org

Computerized AIDS Ministries is sponsored by Health and Welfare
Ministries, the General Board of Global Ministries, The United Methodist
Church. The Reverend Charles Carnahan is the executive in charge of CAM
(voice phone 212-870-3909). The Reverend Doctor Nancy A. Carter is the
main sysop for CAM (voice phone 212- 870-3910). We can be faxed at
CAM's purpose is HIV/AIDS information, education and support. Different
forums serve these purposes.  Persons who remain on CAM are expected to
participate in our purpose. You may want to read and write in our
forums. You may want to simply download information about AIDS from our
libraries. You may want to do both. We do not have "live chat" on this
BBS. Attempts to use it will result in action being taken toward the

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