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SouthEastern Regional Vision for Education (SERVE-Line)

TELNET bbs.serve.org

                SouthEastern Regional Vision for Education 
SERVE-Line is an on-line information system dedicated toward the
improvement of education.  We welcome all those who share our vision of
quality education in the southeast and the United States.
This service was produced with funds from the Office of Educational
Research and Improvement, U.S. Department of Education, under contract
no. RP91002010.
                               MAIN MENU
            AVAILABLE OPTIONS                   MEMBERSHIP OPTIONS
      1. Introduction to SERVE-Line     9. Information Exchange
      2. Calendar of Events             0. Top Educational Issues
      3. Information Request Service    A. The Faculty Lounge
      4. Products and Publications      C. Successful Practices/Programs
      5. What's Your Opinion?           D. Educational Magazines
      6. SERVE Locator System           E. Electronic Mail (E-Mail)
      7. Education in the News          F. Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
      8. Teacher's Resource Center      I. Internet Services/Gateway
      G. Technical Support Center       B. Beep the SYSOP
      U. Caller's Utility Menu          S. Send a message to the SYSOP
      H. Help Menu (SERVE-Line Map)     X. Exit SERVE-Line
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let us know. Mail
all inquiries to:
                          41 Marietta St. N.W.
                               Suite 1000
                           Atlanta, GA 30303
                   1-800-377-5011 (Technical Support)

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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