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National Library of Canada / Bibliotheque Nationale du Canada

TELNET amicus.nlc-bnc.ca

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              Guide to Using the NLC Catalogue on the Internet
General Information
The NLC Catalogue on the Internet is the NLC view of the ISAAC
(Interface for Simplified AMICUS Access) interface, developed to provide
users with an alternative, more user friendly method of searching the
National Library databases.
Please note: A different version of the ISAAC interface is available
to onsite clients of the National Library.
The Guide to Using ISAAC provided online describes features that are not
available to Internet users. Internet users are therefore encouraged to
print and use this guide.
For further information users may also contact: nlc.cat.bnc@nlc-bnc.ca
The NLC Catalogue is available Monday to Friday 7:30 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
(Eastern Standard Time), except statutory holidays.
To access the NLC Catalogue users are asked to login as NLCGUEST.
There is no password required.
To logoff, Press 9 on the numeric keypad. Press 9 again to close the
Screen Navigation
To navigate through the NLC Catalogue, use the Action Codes on the
numeric keypad section of your terminal keyboard. On most
workstations, the Num Lock feature must be set to OFF in order to
activate the Action Codes.
Most functions are initiated by pressing an action code key, one of
the keys on the numeric keypad. As much as possible, the same key is
used to initiate similar actions from screen to screen.
Forward: Use + (the plus sign on the numeric keyboard) or [Cntrl F]
Backward: Use - (the minus sign on the numeric keyboard) or [Cntrl K]
Tab key
It is best to use the TAB key to move the cursor from field to field.
Pop-up boxes are activated by certain action codes and offer a further
list of choices. Use the arrow keys to scroll up and down within the
Making Records to Display
If you wish to display your search results, you have to mark the
record by using the tab key to move to the desired item, typing X, and
pressing Action Code (1) to display the bibliographic record. You can
also use Action Code (5) to mark or unmark entire search results for
Sorting Search Results
Use Action Code (6) to sort your search results by date ascending,
date descending or by title.
Search Options
The ISAAC Welcome Screen is the main menu of the NLC Catalogue. From
here, users can access all ISAAC functions. Users can return to the
Welcome Screen from most other ISAAC screens by pressing 2 on the
numeric keypad.
Exact Searching (A)
Press (A) to search for an exact item. Use this template if you have a
known author, title or subject. If you input terms in both author
and date fields, the system will search for records matching all terms
specified in those fields. Note that AND is implicit between fields.
AUTHOR: Atwood Margaret
Date: 199?
(will retrieve all works by Margaret Atwood published in the 1990s.)
Keyword Searching (B)
Press (B) to search by keywords. You are presented with another list of
options including: Search entire catalogue, Newspapers and periodicals,
Printed music, Sound recordings, and Video recordings.
Phrase searches are assumed when words are put side by side.
e.g. free trade agreement
The hash mark (#) can be used as a wild card character to replace
one character within a word.
e.g. wom#n will retrieve women or woman
The question mark (?) can be used for truncation.
e.g. regist? will retrieve registre, registres, register,
registers, ...
Parentheses can be used to group together synonyms or like terms.
e.g. (NAFTA or ALENA or free trade agreement)
Browse (C)
Press (C) to browse through an alphabetical list of names, titles or
Change Language (E)
Press (E) to change the language of the ISAAC interface; ISAAC is
available in both English and French.
Guide to Using ISAAC(F)
Press (F) to view the Guide to Using ISAAC. It provides you with an
overview of the ISAAC interface.
Information about Library Services (G)
Press (G) to obtain more information on NLC library services.
Online Help
There are two types of HELP used throughout the system:
* Press Action Code (4) to obtain help related to each individual
* Press Action Code (5) for hints on how structure search criteria
This file is available at http://www.nlc-bnc.ca/catalog/ecatguid.htm

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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