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DDN Network Information Center (NIC)

TELNET nic.ddn.mil

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* For TAC news, type:                TACNEWS [return]
* For user and host information, type: WHOIS [return]
* For NIC information, type:             NIC [return]
* For user assistance call (800) 365-3642 or (800) 365-DNIC or (703) 802-4535
* Please report system problems to ACTION@NIC.DDN.MIL

A T1 connection is now installed directly to the Internet.

The DDN Network Information Center (NIC) is located at the DDN
Installation and Integration Support (DIIS) program office in Chantilly,
Virginia.  The NIC is funded by the Defense Information Systems Agency
(DISA), Defense Network Systems Organization (DNSO).  The NIC is
responsible for providing general reference services to DDN users via
telephone, electronic mail, and U.S. mail.

The NIC also provides databases and information services of interest to
network users, including the WHOIS registry of network users, the
NIC/Query browsing system, TACNEWS, and the official DoD Host Name
Service.  The NIC maintains the RFC (Request for Comments) collection.
Many of the online files are available through the NIC's automatic mail

Among its other duties, the NIC
      *  registers hosts and domains,
      *  assigns IP network numbers and Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs),
      *  provides hostname translation tables and domain name system server
         files to the DDN and the Internet,
      *  registers network users,
      *  issues MILNET TAC Access Cards.

For more information on this service get:

Bjork, Steven, et al., eds.  DDN new user guide.  From a Bitnet
     site, send email to SERVICE@NIC.DDN.MIL and in the subject
     line put NETINFO NUG.DOC.  Some background information on
     using The Internet, but mainly oriented to Defense Data
     Network users.  Also available via FTP from NIC.DDN.MIL.

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