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PARADISE Directory Service (Sweden)

TELNET wp.umu.se

Login: de
                Introduction to the Directory Service

The directory service helps you to find out information about people and
the organisations they work for: in particular it can provide electronic
mail addresses, postal addresses and telephone and facsimile numbers.
Once you have provided information about a person's NAME and where they
are based, the directory service will search various local and remote
databases to try and find information about people with a name matching
the one you have given.

The directory service can, of course, only find entries for people who
work for organisations who are participating in this pilot service.  At
the time of writing (May 1991), there are over 400 participating
organisations and approximately 350,000 individual entries in the

If you cannot find an entry for the person you are looking for, it may
be that the entry is in the Directory but that the Directory Service
does not recognise the name you have provided.  In this case, you might
like to BROWSE the Directory: you can list people within a DEPARTMENT,
the list of countries with participating ORGANISATIONs.

When using the directory service, you will be prompted to type in:
SPACE for next screen; q to quit: 
:- the NAME of the person whose address you are looking for 
   (e.g. "Paul Barker", or "P Barker", or even just "Barker"))
   (e.g. "Computer Science")

:- the ORGANISATION they work for
   (e.g. "University College London", or "UCL")

:- the COUNTRY in which the ORGANISATION is based
   (e.g. "gb", "uk" or "Britain"  for Great Britain).

The line above the prompt (:- ) indicates what information the system is
expecting.  This line also indicates the default (what the directory
service will fill in as information if you just press the RETURN key).

On line HELP is always available: type 

?      for HELP on information currently expected
??     for HELP on HELP (how to use on-line HELP)

SPACE for next screen; q to quit: ?TERM  for HELP on any topic, where
TERM is any of the words displayed in capital letters in this and any
other HELP screen

Further useful commands:

Control-C   to abandon whatever you are doing: i.e.
            abandon a current query and allow for the entry of another query;
            abandon the entry of a query and allow the re-entry of the query;
            if no current query, exit the Directory Service.

q           to quit the directory service, when given in response to a 
            request for a person's name

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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