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PARADISE Directory Service (University of London Computer Centre)

TELNET paradise.ulcc.ac.uk

login: dua
               Welcome to PARADISE - the COSINE Directory Service

You can use this directory service to look up telephone numbers and
electronic mail addresses of people and organisations participating in
the Pilot Directory Service.  You will be prompted to type in:

:- the NAME of the person for whom you are seeking information
:- their DEPARTMENT (optional), 
:- the ORGANISATION they work for, and 
:- the COUNTRY in which the organisation is based.

On-line HELP is available to explain in more detail how to use the
Directory Service.  Please type ?INTRO (or ?intro) if you are not
familiar with the Directory Service.

?          for HELP with the current question you are being asked
??         for HELP on HELP
q          to quit the Directory Service (confirmation asked unless at the
           request for a person's name)
Control-C  abandon current query or entry of current query

If you have any comments, or have had any difficulties while using this
service, or if you would like further information about PARADISE
including how to participate in the pilot, please contact:

  telephone:      +44 71 405 8400 x432
  fax:            +44 71 242 1845
  email:          helpdesk@paradise.ulcc.ac.uk

Further written information about PARADISE can be obtained from:

 email:           info-server@paradise.ulcc.ac.uk
 post:            PARADISE Project

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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