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Hytelnet: 1st Directory of Internet Resources
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PSI White Pages Pilot Project

TELNET wp1.psi.net

login: fred

Try "help" for a list of commands
    "whois" for information on how to find people
    "manual" for detailed documentation
    "report" to send a report to the white pages manager

To find out about participating organizations, try
    "whois -org *"

FRED(1C)                  USER COMMANDS                  FRED(1C)

     fred - a white pages user interface (FRont-End to Dish)

     fred [options] [command arguments ...]

     whois arguments ...  (as in "fred whois smith -org psi")

     The fred program is a front-end to the OSI Directory, and in
     particular  the  dish (1c) program.  It is most useful as an
     interface to the white pages service.

     The fred program is meant to be similar to the WHOIS service
     familiar  to  most  users  of  the  network.  There are some
     differences however.

     First, users in the white pages are uniquely  identified  by
     their distinguished name, e.g.,

          "@c=US@o=Performance Systems International@cn=Manager"

     In contrast, users of the WHOIS service are uniquely identi-
     fied by their WHOIS handle, a brief key, e.g., "MTR".  Since
     distinguished names are much longer than WHOIS handles, fred
     maintains  a  list of aliases during its execution.  When an
     entry for something is retrieved, it is assigned  a  numeric
     alias for its name.

     Second, searches in the  white  pages  are  relative  to  an
     "area".   The default area is set by your system administra-
     tor.  It can be changed using the area command.  Because the
     white  pages  are  distributed, searches occurring at higher
     areas are  more  expensive  in  terms  of  time,  networking
     resources, etc.

     Third, the white pages are highly structured.  As such,  you
     can  potentially  retrieve  much  more  detailed information
     about an entry.  Although the fred should prove  useful  for
     the  majority  of queries, it is purposefully limited in its
     searching capabilities.   Users  desiring  a  more  powerful
     interface, should use dish (1c) directly.

     The command syntax, while meant to be intuitive, is tedious.
     Here are a few simple examples:

     whois "smith"
          looks for any entries with this  name  in  the  default
          area  (choice  of  matching  on  the entry's surname or
          fullname is based on  the  value  of  the  `namesearch'

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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