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Netfind: University of Colorado

TELNET bruno.cs.colorado.edu

login: netfind

Welcome to the University of Colorado Netfind server.

Given the name of a person on the Internet and a rough description of where
the person works, Netfind attempts to locate information about the person.
When prompted, enter a name followed by a set of keywords, such as
        schwartz university colorado boulder
The name argument specifies the person being sought by first name, last
name, or login name.  The keys describe where the person works.  They can
consist of any combination of strings describing the name of the
institution, the city/state/country, or the type of institution (e.g.,
"edu", "com", "mil", etc.)  If you know the institution's domain name
(e.g., "cs.colorado.edu") you can specify it as keys, without the dots
(e.g., "cs colorado edu").  The first components of host names (e.g.,
"brazil" in "brazil.cs.colorado.edu") cannot be used as keys.  Keys are
case insensitive and may be specified in any order.  Using more than one
key implies the logical AND of the keys.  Because of this, specifying too
many keys may cause searches to fail.  If this happens, try specifying
fewer keys, e.g.,
        schwartz boulder
If you specify keys that match a large number of domains, Netfind will
list some of the matching domains and ask you to form a more specific
query.  Note that you can use any of the words in the organization
strings (in addition to the domain components) in forming such queries.

When Netfind runs, it displays a trace of the parallel search progress,
lessalong with the results of the searches.  Since output can scroll by
quickly, you might want to run it in a window system, or pipe the output
through tee(1):
        rlogin -l netfind |& tee log

A number of options exist for the client version of Netfind, which cannot
be invoked via the telnet/rlogin server interface.  if you would like to
install Netfind locally (which will allow you too run it as a client
without the telnet/rlogin interface), you can get it by anonymous ftp from
ftp.cs.colorado.edu, in pub/cs/distribs/netfind.  More complete
documentation is also available in that package.

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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