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X.500 service at Aston University (QUIPU)

TELNET quipu.aston.ac.uk

login: sd

What is X.500?

X.500 is an Open Systems standard for worldwide electronic mail
directory services.

The X.500 service at Aston has been named "Quipu". This is simply a
database of people's electronic mail addresses, full names, telephone
numbers and department. Quipu is wide ranging, in that it can connect
you to X.500 directories around the world to enable you to find a
person's electronic mail address.

ALT-H will give you help

There are 3 main items that you need to consider:

1) the location or search area which relates to countries or is

2) the type you are searching for ie is it a place, department or person

3) the name of the place, department or person

Look at the search area. If it is set to world-wide, then in the search
box (below and to the right) you need to enter GB if you want a site in
the UK. If it is set to GB and you want a world-wide search, there is a
widen search option (press w).

Once you have found the correct country, you can look for the options.
If you want an organisation eg Aston, set the type to organisation and
then enter Aston in the search box.

Once at Aston, enter the person's surname or part of the surname you

A list of matching surname will be shown. Enter the number of the person
you require if there is more than one match.

Other main keys in Quipu are ] and [ which are used to scroll through a
list of names.

ALT-U will clear the search line ready for you to enter another search

ALT-X  will exit Quipu 

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