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FUNET address converter

TELNET funet.fi:2719

1       Convert X.400 address to Internet address
2       Convert Internet address to X.400 address
3       HELP
0       Exit

This service is intended for converting Internet addresses (RFC 822
addresses) to X.400 addresses (OR addresses) and vice versa.

Internet users can use this to get a X.400 address that they can use
e.g. in business cards. These addresses will be accepted by Elisa and
Mailnet as well.

Internet users can also use this to convert Elisa and Mailnet addresses
as well as international R&D X.400 network addresses into Internet
addresses that they can use. (Please note that internal Elisa addresses
are not accepted. You need to use real X.400 address.)

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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