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Royal Danish Library

TELNET rex.bib.dk

Type rex1 or rex2: rex1
Hit the ESCAPE key
At the att prompt, type rex1
To exit, type logout                                                   
REX is the online catalogue of the Royal Library and its associated 
institutions, whose collections concentrate on the humanities, the 
social sciences law and theology: The Royal Library (at 
Slotsholmen, in Fiolstr{de and at Amager), most of the departmental 
libraries at the Univ. of Copenhagen, the Library of the Academy of 
Fine Arts and the Center of Women Studies (KVINFO). 
REX is subdivided into 2 bases: REX1 and REX2. REX1 covers 
literature available for circulation. For more information on REX1, 
TYPE ?engrex1 REX2 covers primarily literature only available for 
use in the Reading Room. For more information on REX2, TYPE ?engrex2
The English REX guide begins with 7 introductory help screens which 
explain through brief examples how to search in REX.  A sample of 
the display possibilities is also provided. 
Further English language information is available on certain 
essential aspects of REX.  These more specialized help screens are 
ordered in four other groups of screens. The contents of these 
screens are displayed in Menu II.  To view Menu II, TYPE ?mii 
(enter). To have answers from REX in English, TYPE def eng

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