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BioTechNet Online Signup

TELNET biotechnet.com

Username: JOINBTN
Password: BIOTECH

BioTechNet's new Professional Basic membership plan consists of an
$11.40 monthly fee which includes your first hour of use each month.
Additional time is just $12.60 per hour.  The Professional Basic Plan
also carries a one-time signup fee of $25.00.  Included in this $25.00
fee is your first monthly fee and a complete BioTechNet Instruction
Package including the BioTechNet User Guide, and the BioTechNet Software
Library Directory.  The $25.00 signup fee will be charged to the charge
card you select for this online signup.

An optional "Advantage Plan" is available for lower rates on higher-
volume use.

See the Network Office online for more details on this pricing plan.

Additionally, NO TELECOM CHARGES APPLY to BTN connect rates for access
via the Internet, Tymnet (within the continental United States) local
time zone Monday through Thursday evenings 7 p.m. to 7 a.m., on weekends
beginning Friday evening 7 p.m. ending Monday morning at 7 a.m., or via
direct dial (Cambridge, MA, or Kansas City, MO, USA) around the clock.
Telecom surcharges apply for daytime access via Tymnet, SprintNet and
other connect methods.

To sign-up at this time you must use VISA AMEX or MASTERCARD. Corporate
and organizational subscribers may sign-up at this time with a credit
card then apply for direct billing.  If you have other questions about
BioTechNet, please call 1-508-655-8282, or leave electronic mail at
Internet Address BioTechNet @Biotechnet.com.

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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