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The WELL, Sausalito, California

TELNET well.sf.ca.us

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             WELL Registration **** Please READ CAREFULLY

The WELL is a computer teleconferencing system running on a SEQUENT B8
computer located in Sausalito, California.

The WELL offers users access to approximately 200 WELL conferences, to
the UNIX operating system, to USENET and to UUCP mail.

The basic cost of the WELL is a $10/month service charge plus a
$2.00/hour usage fee.  Your first 5 hours of usage @ $2.00/hour are
free, so you can get to know the system, though you may want to wait
until you get the manual to make the best use of this time.

In the following registration program, type the information requested at
each  :   prompt.  Then type a carriage return.

If you make a mistake while registering and want to change your entry,
just use the backspace key or [control-h] to delete it.  Retype the
correct entry.

                       * * * TERMINAL EMULATION  * * *

There are some programs that work better on the WELL if we know what
kind of terminal you can "emulate."  The most common emulation is vt100
- but other types include   ansi   or    adm3a.  If you don't know
what's appropriate, just press [return], the system will default to
"dumb"...  (Which refers to the terminal, NOT the user!) All accounts
must have the name of an individual associated with them even if this is
a corporate account.  This name is not a login ID. The WELL does not
accept anonymous accounts except by special arrangement.

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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