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Actrix Information Exchange

TELNET actrix.gen.nz

login: bbs

    To all new users -- you will automatically receive one week's
    free access to Actrix, including downloading of files and
    reading of the USEnet news system.  Simply fill out the 
    new user questionnaire for automatic approval.  Note that
    you will not be able to send electronic mail or post news
    items until you subscribe.  Only users who provide real names
    and a telephone contact number will receive free access.

    All information you supply to us will be kept confidential.
    Note that there is no obligation incurred by filling out the
    new user questionnaire.  If you do wish to subscribe, you can
    do this via the credit card questionnaire, or by sending a
    cheque for $72 (including GST) to the address listed below.

           *     Welcome to Interactive UNIX 386 V3.2 v 3.0   *
           *            running on a Zenith 386/33 MHz        *
           *        Brought to you by Actrix Networks Ltd     *
           *            24 hrs a day / 7 days a week          *
           *       Data lines (wgtn) 395-478, 3895-468,       *
           *          3895-776, 3895-857 & 3896-016           *
           *              PACnet  4800013400                  * 
Welcome to AIX, the Actrix Information Exchange!  This system operates
24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is based in Wellington, New Zealand.
It is New Zealand's first Public Access UNIX system, which offers
multi-user access to a wide range of facilities, including:

 o  USEnet world-wide University news network
 o  National and International electronic mail
 o  Downloading of public domain files and shareware
 o  Technical forums on many themes
 o  Multi-user interactive chatting
 o  Fidonet international communications

Access is by subscription, which costs $72 (including GST).  You may
send a cheque to the address below, or register on-line using a credit
card. For further information, please write to:

        Actrix Networks 
        PO Box 11-410

or send electronic mail to root@actrix.gen.nz

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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