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NETCOM On-line Communication Services

TELNET netcom.netcom.com

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Netcom provides a complete dialup and communication service the
academic, scientific, engineering, and general computer community.
Individuals and businesses can acquire accounts our network of Sun
computers for S/W development, accessing Artificial Intelligence
tools/shells, Netnews, E-mail, Internet access, and general computing
services.  In addition, we provide an on-line archive of UUNET, GNU, X,
and other sources.

Unlike bulletin Board services,  Netcom offers shell access (ksh, csh,
tcsh, sh, and bash), which allows you to take full advantage of our
network of SPARC based servers. The system is available 24 hours per
day,  365 days per year.  Because of this dedication we can provide you
with the reliability that you would expect from a full time
communication networking company.   Please feel free to look through the
other information that is available through the other menu options,  and
if you need additional information,  please feel free to give us a call
at (408) 554-UNIX.

In addition to being a major News/mail carrier and Internet site,
Netcom also owns and maintains a large IP network that covers 95% of the
bay area. We anticipate expansion of our network to Southern California
(Los Angeles) in the fir months of 1992 and Sacremento by April 92.


HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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