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EcoNet / PeaceNet

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EcoNet / PeaceNet
A Service of the Institute for Global Communications (IGC)
18 de Boom Street, San Francisco, CA 94107  USA
voice: (415) 442-0220  fax: (415) 546-1794


EcoNet is an international, computer-based communication system
committed to serving organizations and individuals who are working for
environmental preservation and sustainability.

Most importantly, EcoNet is a community of persons using the network for
information sharing and collaboration with the intent of enhancing the
effectiveness of all environmentally-oriented programs.


EcoNet resources include such data as reports on the 1992 United Nations
Conference on Environment and Development in Brazil; the Environmental
Grantmakers Association's directory of grantmakers; the Sierra Club
National News Report; the National Wildlife Federation's Conservation
Directory; Global Action Network's federal legislative information;
action alerts; and newsletters from around the world.

We have made international access even more affordable by establishing
partnership relationships with like-minded networks in Canada, England,
Sweden, Australia, Nicaragua, Brazil and Russia. These connections also
allow our users to be in constant communication with a wide range of
internationally active organizations and individuals.

Electronic "gateways" allow EcoNet users to send telex and fax messages
nearly anywhere in the world, and electronic mail to users on many other
electronic systems and most international electronic mail networks.


Interactive public conferences on EcoNet let users read and participate
in discussions on a wide range of environmental issues. Among many
others, these include global warming, rainforests, legislative
activities, water quality, energy policy, toxics, and environmental


Users may set up private conferences -- accessible to a specified group
of users -- to prepare a joint paper, to conduct organizational business
or to plan action or educational campaigns.


EcoNet is run by the non-profit Institute for Global Communications with
the goal of providing affordable computer communication for the
international environmental community.  Its services are user-supported
by monthly subscriptions and connect- time charges.

Internet connect rates are a flat $3.00/hr.  Dialup rates vary depending
on the time of connect.

For details, send an e-mail note to econet@igc.org, or phone (415)
442-0220 weekdays between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. Pacific time.

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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