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The World

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The World is a service provider for Internet services.  Among the myriad
available services are electronic mail, USENET, file software archives,

of public access Internet services, World is committed to providing cost
effective, reliable network services for dialup customers of the
Internet community.

The World offers two billing rates which are the same 24 hours per day
at all connection speeds.  The Basic Rate plan is a $5 monthly account
fee plus a $2 per hour usage fee.  Basic Rate accounts include a .5MB
disk quota.  The 20/20 Plan is a bulk usage rate where $20 paid in
advance buys 20 hours of online time during a one month period.  This
includes the monthly account fee and offers an increased disk quota of
2MB.  20/20 Plan accounts used for more than 20 hours during one month
are billed at an hourly rate of $1 per hour.

The World offers payment options via MasterCard or Visa, postal invoice,
or email invoice.  Unfortunately, we cannot accept postal or email
billing requests from outside the United States.  Additional discounts
are available for members of the Boston Computer Society and for
corporate customers.  Send email to "info@world.std.com" for details.

                           SIGNUP PROCEDURE

To sign up for public access, dial 617-739-WRLD.  At The World's login
prompt, use the login "new" to begin the account request program.  You
will be asked a few questions necessary to create your account.  The
World will allow you to select your login name which will become your
email address.  Most people select their name, their initials, or a
combination of both. Your initial password will be provided by the
account creation software.  All customers must contact our office for
account activation after making the account request.  Accounts are
eligible for a one hour trial period (see below).

                          THE WORLD'S STAFF

The World is managed by a staff of professionals, all of whom have UNIX
and international networking experience.  We are committed to providing
you reliable, cost effective network access.  Our full time job is the
support of The World and its software in order that you, our customer,
can exploit the power of today's electronic community.

                            ONE HOUR TRIAL

Any person may request an account and spend one hour on the system with
no charges being incurred.  This provides an opportunity to investigate
The World and its resources.  Simply complete the account request
procedure and take a sixty minute tour on us.

          This document was last modified on August 21, 1992
     for the latest update, use the ftp archive at world.std.com
         or send your request via email to info@world.std.com
      Software Tool & Die 1330 Beacon Street Brookline MA 02146
                 617-739-0202   office@world.std.com

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