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Anomaly: Rhode Island's Gateway to the Internet

TELNET anomaly.sbs.risc.net

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Welcome to Anomaly's Online New User Information/Registration System

Anomaly is an menu-based Internet gateway operated by the Rhode Island
Internet Systems Cooperative Network, servicing the needs of educators
and educational  organizations which do not have Internet access.

Anomaly is a subscription service. The funds received from subscriptions
help offset the cost of local hardware operation and the cost of the
56kbps leased line network connection to Boston.

Subscription services are obtained by filling out the on-line
registration form and mailing payment or a purchase order from a rated
institution to Anomaly's address.

Some of the additional benefits subscribers receive are as follows:

        * Downloading files from our local SCO archives
        * Access to the Anomaly Arcade (Games)
        * Read/Post access to USENET News
        * Internet Domain-based Mail
        * Interactive FTP 
        * remote system login via rlogin/telnet
        * Internet Relay Chat - Real Time International CB Chat Simulator
        * Plus everything else on the Internet! (MUDs, etc.)

Users can subscribe for either 6 months ($125) or 12 months ($200). Yes,
it seems like a lot of money, but really its only about $15/month!

Users receive 60 minutes of online time per day. Those users who require
more time can purchase "blocks" of time - each block of time is 30
minutes, and costs $10/block/year. A maximum of seven (7) additional
blocks can be purchased for a total of 270 minutes of online time per

Further information about Anomaly's services and subscription fees can
be obtained by contacting:

USnail-Mail:    Small Business Systems, Inc.
                Route 104, Box 17220
                Smithfield, Rhode Island  02917

Internet:       info@anomaly.sbs.risc.net

AT&TNet:        1-401-273-4669

Purchase orders are accepted from rated organizations, and are subject
to 2/10 NET 30 billing.

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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