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Hytelnet: 1st Directory of Internet Resources
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TELNET phantom.com

login: mindvox
Login (User ID): guest

                       Welcome to  the MindVox system
                    Created by  The Phantom Access Group

              Subset of Commands Available to GUESTS of  MindVox

         Bye       - End your Demonstration of the MindVox system
         Editorial - Read the current  MindVox  Editorial article
         Feedback  - Leave FEEDBACK for the System Administration
         Finger    - Obtain information on a Member - FINGER [nm]
         Last      - List the  Last  [x]  Callers  to  the System
         Members   - Obtain a  Listing of Current MindVox Members
         Who       - Who is  Online  right now  (Local & Network)

         HELP      - Detailed HELP files about  MindVox  Commands
         INFO      - Information about MindVox and Phantom Access

                         MindVox [INFORMATION] Section

              MindVox    - Introduction to the MindVox System

             Access     - Methods of Gaining Access to MindVox
             Address    - Physical  and  Electronic  Addresses
             Billing    - System  Rates and  Payment Schedules
             Credits    - MindVox Software  and System  Design
             FAQ        - Frequently Asked Questions & Answers
             Features   - List of Services Available on System
             Hardware   - Details about the  MindVox Platforms
             Internet   - NOTICE: Internet Users *PLEASE READ*
             NewYork    - Introduction for Local NYC/NY  Users
             Status     - CURRENT SYSTEM STATUS UPDATE - READ!
             Terms      - Terms & Conditions Members Agreement

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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