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Akademia Pana Kleksa, Public Access UNI* Site

TELNET wariat.org

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                             Welcome !!!!!

        You are entering UnixBBS, by Rick Prizzi. The name of this board is 
        Akademia Pana Kleksa, and it is devoted to support UNIX community
        in Cleveland. We do have some files, we provide to registered users
        access to e-mail and nuews feeds. 
        APK is a user supported board. To get full accees to BBS you will 
        be asked to fill up application, and send it with your donation. 
        If you want a full shell access, please contribute more - all 
        donations are used for hardware and software upgrades, and for 
        getting more phone lines. 
        Please, read Bulletins 1-5. You will find there most nescessary 

        If you have any comments, etc - you will have a chance to leave 
        note to sysop before disconnecting. 

                                Zbigniew J. Tyrlik

M - Message Section   F - File section    B - Bulletins Section
E - E-Mail Section    U - Users List      O - Outside!       
C - Change your Setup Y - Yell at Sysop   Q - Questionnaires 
D - Display Stats     W - Who's on line   P - Page Users for CHAT
S - Unix Shell        V - Version         $ - Wheel of Fortune
! - Download Messages G - Goodbye         X - M.U.D.
? - Help

For further information finger info@wariat.org or send mail to

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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