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ICSNet: Industrial Computing Society

TELNET control.com

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                    Welcome to ICS.net

the Information Resource of the Industrial Computing Society (hosted on
Cthulhu.Control.Com at Control Technology Corp., Hopkinton MA)

     Welcome to ICSNet, an informational resource of the ICS! 
   This system is provided to you by ICS volunteers and by your
   ICS membership fees.  

   It exists to provide a medium for ICS members to share 
   information with each other, and to access other sources of 
   information available outside the ICS community. 
                     Society Membership
   In order to use this system, it is advisable for you to become 
   a member of the Industrial Computing Society.   

   To become a member of the ICS, please enter the following 
   information into a email message, and send it to the sysop using 
   the "feedback" command (or, call (919)990-9303 for an application):

   Name, Title
   Full Company Address (or home address if applicable)
   Phone and FAX numbers
   Preferred Email Address

   Then, send a check for $55 to:  
                 Industrial Computing Society 
                 67 Alexander Drive
                 PO Box 12277 
                 Research Triangle Park, NC 27709, USA 

   You will get a membership card, the ICS newsletter, and
   hard-copy survey form which you need to fill out and sign in 
   order to receive Industrial Computing Magazine. 

                     ICSnet Validation
   Prior to your actual membership, you can be validated for use 
   of this system on a trial basis.  Just use the "feedback" command,
   requesting user validation, and optionally complete your "plan" 

     The ICS volunteers who have built ICSNet look forward 
                to your active participation!  

     By working together, we can build ICS into a vibrant
                force in Industrial Computing. 

     help - This gets you into the "help" system, which is menu-driven.

     new  - This scans through all the newsgroups you have joined looking
            for new messages (we automatically join you to a number of
            interesting groups, but there are others).  Note that the
            first time you log in, there will be no "new" messages - try
            again tomorrow.

     join/unjoin - These commands add or delete the current newsgroup from
            your scan list (see above).

     To move to a specific newsgroup, type the name of the newsgroup and 
     hit (enter).  To read messages in the current group, type "read".
     In read mode, typing the message number will show that message.
     To get a list of newsgroups, type "help newsgroups".

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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