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Eskimo North

TELNET eskimo.com

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     Welcome to Eskimo North Timeshare Computer Service

     I strive to give you the absolute best value for your dollar.
Everybody makes that claim. I would like to prove it to you!

     Use Eskimo North absolute free for two weeks. No cost, no
obligation. No money up front. No suprise bills. Just use it. If in that
two week period you decide our services are worthwhile, you can send a
subscription fee and your account will remain open. If not, you are
under no obligation.

     I hope that you will enjoy Eskimo North. Because all users have
full access to all of the features, including the Unix operating system,
we require validation. This also helps to protect you from being abused.

     We will ask for your name and telephone number. We will then
attempt to contact you by phone once a night for two weeks. We generally
place calls between 5pm and 9pm pacific time.
 / Eskimo Norths User Meeting! \ 
 ! Sunday Dec. 20th At 2:30pm. ! 
 ! Godfathers Pizza In Ballard ! 
              L_ !
             / _)!      System broken?  367-7457 (voice)
            / /__L
      _____/ (____)     Eskimo North Data Lines - Please use correct numbers!!
      _____  (____)     Everett Area: (206) 742-1150 SNOHOMISH COUNTY CALLS.
           \_(____)     300-2400 BPS: (206) 365-5458 LOWER SPEED CALLS HERE!
              !  !      9.6k-23k BPS: (206) 367-3837 HIGH SPEED ONLY PLEASE!
              \__/      internet ftp, telnet, irc, here!   why pay more?

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