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Web - The Network for social change

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Problems such as ozone depletion, the greenhouse effect, nuclear
threats, desertification, deforestation, hunger and opression need
solutions. Regional, national and global solutions will only emerge from
efficient communications - and that's what Web offers you.


Web is a computer based communications system whose charter is to help
nonprofit groups communicate more effectively. Any person with a
computer can now communicate locally, nationally or globally with other
Web users ..... by way of a local telephone call.

By using energy efficient electronic mail and computer conferencing, you
can now contact other concerned people across Canada and in 90 other
countries - faster than mail and cheaper than telephone, fax, or telex.

Canada-wide communications via Web offers the possibility for greater
liaison and co-operation between organizations and individuals with
similar interests than has been possible in the past.

Web is operated by Nirv Community Resource Centre, a nonprofit
organization that assists other nonprofit groups in acquiring and using
the latest in information technology.  Nirv Centre provides
consultation, computer equipment, customized software and training.


Web allows you to participate in regional, national and global
discussions on the vital issues of our time.

Electronic Mail - Web's Electronic Mail System allows users to send
messages and mail to each other instantly.

Computer Conferences - allow any number of individuals to share
information, present papers, strategize, plan joint projects, conduct
research, and discuss issues. Private conferences can also be arranged.
There are over 1000 conferences on topics ranging from urban poverty, to
disarmament, to global warming.

Calendars - This is where you can let people know about your events and
campaigns, and find out about what others are doing. Job Postings -
Listings of employment opportunities with nonprofit and social change
groups both in Canada and around the world are available.

News Services -  You can get your news right from the source. Newswire
articles are sent on a daily basis from South Africa, East Germany,
Nicaragua and El Salvador, and many other locations.

By using these and other system facilities you will not only be able to
stay in touch with what's happening, but also be able to participate in
and influence what actually does happen.


Web has two basic rates:

Individuals and nonprofit groups pay $180/year ($120/year if their
income is below $30,000), with a $25 one-time membership fee, and
$6.00/hour system usage charge (plus a $7.70/hour Datapac connect charge
if outside of Toronto).

Government and affiliated agencies, and commercial organizations, pay
$270/year, with a $40 one-time membership fee, and $10/hour system usage
charge (plus a $9/hour Datapac connect charge if outside of Toronto).


Web is an autonomous member of the Association for Progressive
Communications (APC), a world-wide body dedicated to providing a
low-cost global communications service for people and organizations
working for peace, the environment, international development and social
change.  Member networks pool resources to further the global spread of
progressive communications.

Current APC systems include Web in Canada, IGC (PeaceNet/EcoNet) in the
US, GreenNet in the UK, NordNet in Sweden, Alternex in Brazil, Nicarao
in Nicaragua, ComLink in Germany, Chasque in Uruguay, GlasNet in Russia,
and Pegasus in Australia.  Other APC-associated regional networks exist
in Kenya, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Zambia, Ethiopia, Senegal, Ghana,
Cuba, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Bolivia, Ireland, the Netherlands, Estonia,
and Czechoslovakia.

All APC networks are fully integrated for e-mail and online conferences.
Information placed in one network is obtainable on all networks, which
means ongoing discussion and information sharing can take place among
people all over the planet.


Thousands of groups are on line already, and many more will join soon. A
partial list includes:

Environment Groups - Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, Canadian
Environmental Network, Pollution Probe, Energy Probe, Environment
Canada, Earth Island Institute, International Union for the Conservation
of Nature, Rainforest Information Centre, Rainforest Action Network,
Earth First!, Coalition to Stop Food Irradiation, Sierra Club,
Environmental Defence Fund, World Wildlife Fund.

Human Rights - Amnesty International, Survival International,
Anti-Apartheid Network, Die Grunen, European Green Movement, European
Parliament, Green Alliance, Labour Party (UK), Parliamentarians Global

Peace Groups - Nuclear Freeze Campaign, SANE, War Resisters
International, Beyond War, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, Voice of
Women for Peace, Fellowship of Reconciliation, Foreign Bases Project,
International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War,
Ploughshares, Psychologists for Peace, Quaker Peace and Service, Womens
International League for Peace and Freedom, Womens Action for Nuclear
Disarmament, Peace and Conflict Studies.

Research Institutions - Public Interest Research Groups, Climate
Research Institute, Centre for Human Ecology, Centre for Alternative
Technology, Centre for Conservation Biology, Centre for US/USSR
Initiatives, Institute for Global Communications, International
Development Research Institute, Institute of Cultural Affairs, Instituto
Latinamerico de Estudios Transnacionales, International Centre for
Conservation Education, International Institute for Theoretical Physics,
International Institute of Symbiotic Studies, Microbiological Resources
Centre, Pacific Studies Centre, Institute for the Future.

Journalists - New Internationalist, Environmental Digest, Environmental
News Service, World Rainforest Report, Africa Information Afrique,
SouthScan News, Novosti Press (Moscow), Inter Press Service, New Society
Publishers, Alternet News, Solstice Magazine, Radio Farabundo Marti,
International Federation of Journalists.

International Development - Canadian Council for International
Co-operation, Tools For Peace, International Development Reseach Centre,
Community Aid Abroad, Oxfam, Friends Service Committee, Coalition for
Nicaragua, Educators for Social Responsibility, Population, Sister
Cities, AIDS Coalition, Food First, Freedom from Hunger Foundation.

Religious - Quaker, Bahai, Episcopal Church, Interfaith Justice and
Peace Centre, New Jewish Agenda, Unitarian Church.

New Age - Aquarian Agency, Findhorn, Homeonet, Interhelp, Solstice, Hopi

UN Agencies - NGO Liaison Service, University of Peace, UNESCO, UNDP,
UNEP, UNCED Secretariat, United Nations Associations, United Nations

Other: Permaculture International, ethical investment groups, community
radio organizations, - and many, many more.


You can contact us online at the following addresses:

Bitnet: web!support@UUNET.UU.NET
UUCP: support@web.uucp  
Internet: support@web.apc.org
DASnet: [DE3WEB]support

Or you can get in touch with us using regular media:

Address: Web c/o Nirv Centre
         401 Richmond St. West
         Suite 104
         Toronto, Ontario
         M5V 3A8
Telephone: (416) 596-0212
      Fax: (416) 593-1374

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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