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CR Laboratories

TELNET crl.com

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    Welcome to the CRL newuser registration program!  This program
    will explain the services that we offer, and walk you through
    the creation of your own CRL Internet Account.

    CRL provides full access to our network of Sun SparcServers running
    SunOS 4.1.3.

    Usage fees at CRL are based on the size of your data pipe to the
    network, not how much data you send through it. There are no per-
    packet or per-character fees and no membership or annual dues. 
    One low monthly charge includes unlimited use. 

        Monthly service charges (in U.S. Dollars):

                Personal Shell Account .(Visa/MC).$  17.50
                Personal Shell Account ...........$  19.50
                Business Shell Account ...........$  45.00
                UUCP/Newsfeed/MX Forwarding ......$  45.00
                Low Volume Mail Service ..........$  25.00
                SLIP/PPP Internet Connection .....$ 150.00
                56K dedicated Internet Connection.$ 400.00
                Other Dedicated Line Services ....$   CALL

        Connect time:           Unlimited connect time,
                                no extra charge.

        High-speed modem use:   All modems 14.4 capable,
                                no extra charge.

        Disk space:             Up to 5MB at no additional charge.
                                Disk space over 5MB is charged at the
                                rate of $2/MB per month, pro-rated on
                                a daily basis.

    We're directly connected to the Internet and users at crl make
    use of hundreds of progams available locally as well as the live
    network services such as gopher, ftp, telnet, irc, muds, and 
    USENET news readers.

    CRL provides customer support by telephone, FAX, and electronic
    mail. For assistance, contact a CRL representative at
    +1 415-381-2800 (voice), +1 415-381-9578 (fax), or email

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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