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MV Communications, Inc.

TELNET mv.mv.com

login: info
MV Communications, Inc., provides Internet access, and low-cost news and
UUCP mail connections to sites in the southern NH / northern MA area
from its Internet hub in Litchfield, NH.  Services included:
   - Online Internet accounts
   - Internet and mail delivery
   - FTP file access via mail
   - Usenet news feeds
   - Domain forwarding and domain registration
   - Remote storage facilities
   - UUCP paths management
   - Consulting on network configuration
   - Datacenter and operations support
and more.  Future plans may include:
    - FAX mail
    - Voice message/mail gateways
MV Communications, Inc. / PO Box 4963  / Manchester NH 03108-4963 voice:
(603) 429-2223   / mail: info@mv.MV.COM ({decvax!harvard}!mv!info )

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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