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The Direct Connection (UK)

TELNET dircon.co.uk

login: demo

   telnet access
   FTP Access
   Batch FTP - Queue requests for background retrieval
   Archie - File Searching utility
   Networked Electronic Mail - with a choice of reader
   Outgoing FAX Messages 
   Usenet News (Usenet Conferencing) - with a choice of newsreader
   Computer Newswire - Updated 7 days a week
   Downloadable File Libraries
   Personal File Area - with free storage allocation
   Shell Access - with a choice of shell

   An account costs from 10 pounds sterling per month. There are no time
   or access charges.

For further information contact:  helpdesk@dircon.co.uk 
                                  Tel: (UK = +44)  081 317 0100

The Direct Connection       sys0001@dircon.co.uk     ...!pipex!dircon!sys0001

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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