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Express Access (New Jersey)

TELNET cnj.digex.net

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        1:  Instant Account Setup (Credit card holders only)
        2:  Account Application Instructions 
        3:  Internet Access Information
        4:  Display Short Information (1 page flyer)
        5:  Display Long Information (5 page brochure) 
        6:  Display Technical Information 
        7:  Display Account Application (2 pages)
        8:  Change Mode (Screen Display / Ascii Download)
        9:  Send us your postal mail address or message, we'll mail
            an account application and info pack to you.
        10 or Control-C:  Hangup

Express Access costs $15 per month for an account that provides
Electronic Mail and full Newsgroup access. For many people, this is the
right level of service. An account with complete Internet access (FTP,

an hour of time dialed into the system each day, with no restrictions as
to the time of day.  You can keep up to 2 megabytes (about 1,000 full
screens) of information on our system for free (sometimes there are
articles from newsgroups that you want to keep around for reference, or
mail, etc.)

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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