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Infinity Link Corporation Consumer Access Services

TELNET columbia.ilc.com

login: cas
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     ILC/OnLine  -- M A I N   M E N U
1. Bookstores           2. VHS Video Cassettes
3. Music CD's           4. LaserDisks (Movies)
5. UNIX Software
A. Apply for an ILC Account *
L. Login to Your ILC Account*
M. Modify Your ILC Account *
H. Help & Introduction
0. Exit ILC/OnLine

         Infinity Link Corporation's CONSUMER ACCESS SERVICES
         provides you with a window into a wide variety of
         unqiue and hard to find products. Some sections of
         ILC/CAS provide you with information on these products,
         and some sections allow you to actually purchase these
         products online with only a few keystrokes!
         You do NOT have to open an account with us to browse
         the available products or services.
         To PURCHASE any products offered online by ILC/CAS, we
         require that you open an account with us.

Infinity Link Corporation
Sales and Technical Services
301 Charleston Greene
Malvern, PA  19355
215.251.2166 / 717.394.0552 FAX

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