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Communications Accessibles Montreal

TELNET cam.org

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Communications Accessibles Montreal is a non-profit corporation offering
affordable Internet connectivity in the 514 (Montreal) area code.

We operate a Unix server (486 running SVR4) with 6 dial-up lines and
a dedicated 9600bps SLIP link to the Internet. Shell accounts, SLIP/PPP
as well as UUCP connectivity are supported. Redial times are typically
under 15 minutes.

Our server is equipped with a wide variety of freeware including all
GNU software as well as elm, pine, nn, tin, rn, trn, gopher, swais,
archie, irc and other popular software. An email to FAX gateway is
also available free of charge (local calls only).
                  Monthly Access Rates (July 1 - July 31 1993)          

                                        2400bps         9600-14400bps
                                        -------         -------------   
Interactive and UUCP partial feed         35$               $30
Interactive Shell Access                  25                 25
Dial-up SLIP usage*                       n/a                30
Dedicated SLIP connection*                n/a               150
UUCP Full Newsfeed                        n/a               100
UUCP Partial newsfeed**                   15                 10
UUCP email-only feed                       5                  5

* Includes shell access, outgoing-only connectivity
** Under 5meg/week @2400bps, under 20meg/week @ 9600-14400bps.
   (compressed average)                 
Note: All interactive accounts feature full Internet                    
      access (ftp, telnet, gopher, etc...); limit of 10 hours/week.

Free 15 day trial accounts are available on request. Simply call
923-2102 (after 6:00pm weekdays) and ask for Pascal.  

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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