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Manitoba Regional Network (MBnet) Registration Login Server

TELNET access.mbnet.mb.ca

login: guest
                           MBnet Login Server
              Guest Login for Information and Registration

This login server is administered by the Manitoba Regional 
Network(MBnet). It provides Internet access to the public, businesses or 
organizations in the Winnipeg, Manitoba area.

1.  RFC1325: Commonly asked "New Internet User" questions.
2.  Zen and the Art of the Internet
3.  Listing of Network News Groups.
4.  Schedule of MBnet connection charges.
5.  Register for a User ID. /

MBnet 1993/94 RATES                                             May 31, 1993

The full cost of MBnet's yearly fee to CA*net must be paid by the 

Each member is therefore expected to pay all costs of connecting to the 
nearest node in the network, plus an annual membership fee based on the 
following formula:

 Cost  = (link speed in Kbps / 56) * $18,400

These costs would be as follows for the most common line speeds:

      56 Kbps $18,400
    19.2 Kbps $6,309

     9.6 Kbps $3,153

There are no additional usage charges for these type of connections.

Low speed dial up access is also available in some cases.  Rates for 
these types of services are;

 1. Dial IP Access:

    - $1,150 per year for a maximum of 365 connect hours. $1.00 for each
      additional hour.
    - $4,600 per year for a dedicated modem/port, $2,300 per year for each 
      additional load sharing modem/port.

 2. Dial in Unix Login Access:

  a) Individual Account.

     - $25 one time registration fee.
     - $50 per year for 25 hours of connect time and 2 MB of disk space.
       Additional connect time at $1.00 per hour and disk space
       at $3.00 per MB.

  b) Business or Organization.

     - $100 one time charge for domain name setup and all user accounts.

     - charge per user account is the same as individual accounts except
       there is no registration fee.

    -  the initial connect time allocation for each user account is shared
       among all users.

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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