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TelLink Networking - An Internet access service

TELNET tellink.net

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TelLink is a public access UNIX and Internet system.  We offer full
Internet access through our high speed T1 net connection (1.544
Mbit/sec).  For $15 a month (and no "initial start-up" fees), you can
get an account with a basic quota of 7 MB (additional disk space costs
extra).  Our Usenet feed carries over 5000 newsgroups including "real
news" articles from UPI wireservice, stock quotes, and syndicated
columns.  "Full Internet access" includes ftp, gopher, email, irc (and
other conference systems), telnet, and just about anything else that
uses the Internet.

(408) 247-8444     DATA
(408) 247-8445     VOICE
info@tellink.net   Email

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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