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Hytelnet: 1st Directory of Internet Resources
Archive date: September 4, 1997 History of Hytelnet

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Illuminati Online

TELNET io.com

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   Access to the Multiverse text-based virtual reality
   Unix shell access (e-mail and full, uncensored Usenet feed)
   full internet access via our t1 (telnet, ftp, etc.)
   Various games


access via telnet only: $10 per month, for 80 free hours of access per
month. Additional hours are 80 cents per hour.

Direct dialup access, on a large bank of 14.4 modems: $28 per month.
This gets you the same 80-80 deal ... 80 hours free and 80 cents for
each extra hour.

Budget dialup access: As above, but $10 a month for 20 hours of free
access, and the same 80 cents per hour for extra time. The same services
as the other accounts, but for those with limited time or money.

Gamer dialup access: For the faithful fans who have supported the
Illuminati BBS all these years, we offer FREE dialup accounts. These
correspond to the original free BBS service - they are limited to 2
hours access per week, and include no services except local e-mail and
access to the SJG conferences. (BBS service not available yet.)

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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