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Hytelnet: 1st Directory of Internet Resources
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Oregon Ed-Net COMPASS (Salem)

TELNET orednet.org

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(Listed as fee-based, since there is a charge for e-mail)
  1 Information Booth 
  2 Administration Building 
  3 Post Office 
  4 The Public Square 
  5 The Government Center 
  6 ED-NET Auditorium 
  7 Conference Center 
  8 School House 
  9 Library 
 10 Health and Wellness Center 
 11 Business & Industry Park 
 12 The Community Center and Recreation Area 
 13 The International Center 
 14 Communications Center
 15 The Teleport 
 16 PPP User Services

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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