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BTR Communications Company

TELNET btr.com

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 BTR provides it's users with public access UNIX accounts.
 We run SunOS which is BSD based. You get full shell access,
 E-mail, USENET(netnews), etc. Our domain name is btr.com so
 others can send mail to you via you@btr.com. You can also
 send mail to others on the Internet, eg. scott@sun.com.
 We also offer UUCP connections to your computer. We charge
 $15/month for a personal account, unlimited usage. Please
 contact Customer Service (support@btr.com) if you have questions.
 If you would like to receive an info packet with registration
 form please give us your name and your US mailing address.
 E-mail is the best method to get in touch with us: support@btr.com
 Our voice number is    415.966.1429 please leave us a msg.
 Our mailing address is BTR, Box 4148, Mtn.View, CA 94040

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