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WorldClassroom (Guest Login)

TELNET global1.glc.dallas.tx.us

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Welcome to the WorldClassroom Network from Global Learning Corporation!
Enjoy your visit! If you would like additional information about
WorldClassroom after your online tour, call 1-800-866-4452.

WorldClassroom Guest Menu
1  -  Introduction to WorldClassroom
2  -  Online Organization
3  -  Typical Session on WorldClassroom
4  -  Equipment Needed/Getting Started
5  -  Go to WorldClassroom Demonstration
0  -  Quit and Logoff

WorldClassroom is a global curriculum and information network for K-12
schools. By means of a microcomputer with a modem and a standard
telephone line, WorldClassroom links classes of students to work
together on structured curriculum activities in science, social studies,
language arts, foreign languages, and current events. WorldClassroom
also provides a series of Guest Speakers who are experts from a variety
of professions that are of interest to students and teachers.

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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