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XMission: Public Access Internet for Utah

TELNET xmission.com

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XMission features the following Internet services:

   o Full UseNet "News" Access
           * Over 2500 newsgroups
           * Binary distribution, ie: new software, images, sound, etc.
           * Instantaneous worldwide distribution
           * Zero censorship

   o Full FTP Access
           * Software, images, sound, and more worldwide instantly
           * Companies from Apple to IBM offering software online
           * Your own internationally accessible FTP area
           * Highspeed T1 (1.5 megabits per second) transfers

   o Internet Mail Account
           * Instantaneous send and receive worldwide
           * No additional "parcel" charges
           * Access to over 600 special interest mailing lists

   o Internet Relay Chat
           * International realtime chat with people in over 30 countries
           * Online multiuser games
           * Hundreds of channels to choose from
           * Thousands of people at any given time to interact with

   o Multi-User Dungeons (MUD)
           * The first step of virtual reality
           * International opponents and allies in simultaneous play
           * Create your own dungeons     themes

   o International Multi-User Gaming
           * Chess
           * Backgammon
           * Go
           * Scrabble
           * Tradewars
           * A universe of other entertainment

   o A World of Research
           * Library of Congress Catalog
           * WAIS/Gopher/WWW Information Servers
           * National Weather Bureau
           * Every major University on the planet

              XMission subscription prices are as follows:
                    o One month subscription $19.00
               o Six month subscription $17.00 per month
                      Voice Support: 801-539-0852

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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