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DECUServe/DECUShare Information

TELNET eisner.decus.org


DECUServe is an electronic conferencing system, somewhat related to
bulletin board systems but much larger and more organized.  It is
devoted to the general area of computer technology such as systems,
software, hardware, and communication, in the Digital and related third
party vendor market area. If you have access to Internet mail, you can
receive a DECUServe Application form directly.  Send mail to
application@eisner.decus.org - the mail text may be blank.  If the mail
subject includes the characters PS, you will receive a PostScript file;
if the subject includes LN03, you will receive an LN03 print file;
otherwise, you will receive a text file in the reply. A subscription
costs $75 per year.

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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