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Boardwatch Magazine Online Information Service

TELNET boardwatch.com

               B O A R D W A T C H   M A G A Z I N E
     Welcome to the Boardwatch Magazine Online Information Service.  

This BBS provides additional services to subscribers of BOARDWATCH
MAGAZINE -  a monthly print publication covering the online information
services and electronic bulletin board industry since March 1987.

Boardwatch Magazine is printed monthly at an annual subscription rate of
$36. Access to Boardwatch Online Information Service is priced at $60
annually and includes a subscription to the printed Boardwatch Magazine.

Boardwatch Online Information Service is a multiline system using TBBS
software.  All lines provide 14,400 bps or higher connections at
(303)973-4222. If you have questions regarding the service, please feel
free to call voice at (303)973-6038 or write to Boardwatch at the
following address:

BOARDWATCH MAGAZINE 8500 West Bowles Ave. Suite 210 Littleton, CO 80123
(303)973-3731 fax.

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