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Echo (New York City)

TELNET echonyc.com

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Echo is a computer conferencing system based in New York City.  We also
offer access to the Unix operating system and the full range of Internet
services including: e-mail, popmail, telnet, ftp, usenet, gopher, wais,
www, and more!

The first month on Echo is FREE.  After the first month, Echo is: $19.95
(tax incl.) for the first 30 hours, $13.75 for Students/Seniors. $1.00
an hour after 30 hours, then unlimited when you reach 60 hours. Access
to the WON and WAC conferences ONLY is $6.95 a month.

Internet mail is included in the basic Echo rate and in the free month.
Full Internet access is an additional $9 a month, plus a $40
one-time-only access charge.  Complete Internet access is not part of
the free month.

SLIP and PPP subscriptions for individuals carry a $50 one-time setup
charge, and are $20 a month and $2 an hour.

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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