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PUCnet Computer Connections (Edmonton,Canada)

TELNET pucnet.com

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Internet access
Email (Electronic mail)
Discussion groups
Information file archives
Program archives
For as low as $1 per hour

Plan A
* $5.00/hour

Plan A is recommended for very low volume users (less than 1 hour per
week). A typical Plan A user would only use the system to send and
receive email and occasionally read some newsgroups.

Plan B
* $1.00/Hour
* Minimum monthly usage charge = 20 hours

Email Only Plan
The email only plan provides for up to 10 hours per 30 day period of
online composition and reading of electronic mail only. It does not
permit upload or download of mail, access to USENET news, or direct
Internet access. 
* $26.75 for the first 90 days.
* $16.05 for each subsequent 90 day period.

PUCnet Computer Connections, 10215 - 178 Street, Edmonton, Alberta T5S 1M3

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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