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Silicon Valley Public Access Link

TELNET svpal.org

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SV-PAL is dedicated to providing Internet connectivity to as wide an
audience as possible for as little cost as possible, while supporting
ourselves. We do not rely on outside grants for funds, so our accounts
and information provider services must cover all our expenses. Note:
this means we are not a "free-net".

We are charging $20 a year for an account.

An account allows you to use ALL Internet services, including mail,
netnews, ftp, gopher, wais searching, world-wide web, and ftp. We
believe in enabling access, not restricting it through charges for
services that you might not yet know that you want, but that will help
you a great deal in navigating the Internet.

SV-PAL Customer Support Division                 support@svpal.org
415-967-2325 (Voice Mail)

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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