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Hytelnet: 1st Directory of Internet Resources
Archive date: September 4, 1997 History of Hytelnet

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MidNet: Community Access Network for Columbia &

                     the Midlands of South Carolina
TELNET midnet.csd.scarolina.edu

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                            MidNet MAIN MENU
           1. Register for a MidNet Account
           2. All About MidNet
           3. Mail Service for Registered Users
           4. Social Services and Organizations      
           5. South Carolina ETV                     
           6. Business & Professional Services       
           7. Medical & Health Services              
           8. Government Complex                     
           9. Education Complex                      
          10. Religion Center                        
          11. Science and Technology Center         
          12. Home and Garden Center                
          13. Library Complex                       
          14. Community Center                      
          15. Additional Internet & Local Services  
          16. MidNet EXPERTS (Bulletin Boards)     
          17. News and Current Events               

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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