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Dartmouth Dante Project

Available at The Dartmouth College Library Online System

Once connected to Dartmouth type   connect dante
Select vt100 terminal emulation

   Preparation of this database was made possible in part by a grant from
                       and through the generosity of
  Dartmouth College, Princeton University, The Dante Society of America,
  La Societ@a Dantesca Italiana, The Mellon Foundation, Apple Computer 
         Digital Equipment Corporation, AT&T Foundation and 
              The David and Lucile Packard Foundation

   Conceived and directed by Prof. Robert Hollander of Princeton University.

Certain material contained on this database is copyrighted by the
original publishers, and is subject to the conditions of the original
copyright. Material of this kind is denoted with the tag [copyrighted
material]. All material not bearing this flag is copyright 1991 by the
Trustees of Dartmouth College. You may freely reproduce the material on
this database in any form, as long as it is not for profit or
redistribution except as reference in scholarly works, or in violation
of the terms of other copyrights. You may not edit the material in  any
way without the express consent of the Dante Project and Dartmouth

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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