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Hytelnet: 1st Directory of Internet Resources
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Syracuse University (PRISM)

TELNET acsnet.syr.edu

login with suvm
At USERID ===> suinfo
Type suinfo once more
      Welcome to SUINFO! You will now be able to perform online searches
      on all publicly available databases currently carried by PRISM.
      Before proceeding, the following may be noted: 
      *  This account may be used for PRISM searches only.
      *  Certain databases cannot be searched because of licensing restrictions.
         You may search these databases by logging into SUVM the regular way.
      *  PRINTing, SENDing to a userid or the WRITEing to a computer file
         of your search result(s) has been disabled.
         Numerous error messages will be encountered if attempted!
      *  You must type LOGOFF to EXIT PRISM 
                            Welcome to Prism
 File selection                                               33 files available
 Select a file or service by typing its name below,
    or, press the Return key to see a list of all files,
    or, type a category number to see a list of files in that category:
    1.  General Interest
    2.  CWIS: Campus Wide Info. System (includes SCIS, Job Ops)
    3.  WOT: Network Accessible Resources
    4.  Demonstration
    5.  Application Development
    6.  Testing New Applications
                            Welcome to ERIC
     This file contains bibliographic  information  and abstracts for a
     variety of  EDUCATIONAL  documents  from the Educational Resources
     Information Center (ERIC).  The file contains all the ERIC data from    
     1984 through the first quarter of 1991 (approximately 208507 records).   
     You can search for items using one or more keywords from a variety of   
     fields such as title, author, or abstract.
    |  For help call the ERIC Clearinghouse at 443-3640.                   | 
    |  To report technical problems contact: Jhychun Wang [JINWANG@SUVM]   |
    |                                        x-2143                        | 

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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