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General Accounting Office Documents

Available on the Cleveland FREE-NET

                                GAO REPORTS

The following U.S. General Accounting Office (GAO) reports are available
over the Internet as part of a test to determine whether there is
sufficient interest within this community to warrant making all GAO reports
available over the Internet.

1.   COMPUTER SECURITY: Governmentwide Planning Process Had
     Limited Impact, GAO/IMTEC-90-48, May 1990.  Assesses the
     governmentwide computer security planning process and extent
     to which security plans were implemented for 22 systems at
     10 civilian agencies.  (This report is is 55,062 bytes or 
     1,190 lines long.)

2.   DRUG-EXPOSED INFANTS: A Generation at Risk, GAO/HRD-90-138,
     June 1990.  Discusses health effects and medical costs of
     infants born to mothers using drugs, impact on the nation's
     health and welfare systems, and availability of drug-
     treatment and prenatal care to drug-addicted pregnant women.
     (This report is 113,916 bytes or 2,421 lines long.)

[This is just a sample of two reports]

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