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Martin Luther King Jr. Bibliography at Stanford University

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The MLK Bibliography lists approximately 2700 bibliographic citations to
works by or about Martin Luther King, Jr., and the civil rights
movement. This Bibliography was compiled by staff of the Martin Luther
King, Jr., Papers Project, as a first step in preparing to publish
King's works.  It is intended to help both the student and the scholar
traverse the rich and varied terrain of primary and secondary
historical, sociological, and journalistic sources on King and the Black
freedom struggle.  (For more information on the Project, type HELP MLK

A printed version of this Bibliography, called "A Guide to Research on
Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Black Freedom Struggle", is available
in Green Library.  Though the Guide is not comprehensive, it surveys a
selection of the most important contemporary and scholarly resources on
King and the struggle.

Project staff are still verifying the citations in the Bibliography, so
you may encounter some errors.  Please use the SUGGEST command to send
comments, corrections, or questions, or call the Project staff at
723-2093 (ask for Pete).

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