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Meeman Archive of environmental journalism

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The Meeman Archive is a database covering environmental journalism. The
Archive has over 1,000 entries and grows yearly. Established by the
Scripps-Howard News Service in 1982, MEEM contains articles from 1980 to
the present.  In addition to the articles indexed in MEEM, the Meeman
Archive contains clippings from the Ann Arbor News, several
environmental periodicals, and the National Park Service's publication,

The Meeman Archive is located in UM's School of Natural Resources, 2036
Dana Building. All articles are located there and can be copied for five
cents per page. Please allow 24 hours for copying. Archive staff can be
contacted by calling (313) 763-5327 or by visiting the archive. Please
bring the item call number, which is found on the first line of each
item record.

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