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National Nuclear Data Center Online Data Service

TELNET bnlnd2.dne.bnl.gov

Username: NNDC

                    NNDC Online Data Service

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This program  and  the accompanying data base   has been produced  by
the National Nuclear Data Center located at the Brookhaven National
Laboratory, Upton, N.Y., USA, with funding  from the U.S. Department of
Energy. Neither the BNL nor the USDOE make any  warranty or assume any
legal responsibility for the contents of the data base.

You may sign up for access to the NNDC online service if you wish. You
will be prompted and asked to supply the required information.  The
account will be activated on the next working day if everything is in
order. Be sure to supply all requested information completely,
especially a telephone and/or an e-mail address at which you  may be
reached.   There is no charge for  the service at this time.

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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